3/9 – 2016: Tony Carey´s Rainbow Project Feat. Åge Sten Nilsen

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Tony Carey’s Rainbow Project: The Dio Years To commemorate the 40-year Anniversary of ‘Rainbow Rising’, Tony Carey will be
playing a series of concerts recreating the music of Rainbow from the classic albums ‘Rising’ and ‘On Stage’.


Accompanied by a first-rate band and using a wide range of guest singers,this show will only feature music on which Tony Carey played the classic recordings – songs sung by Ronnie James Dio in his breakthrough years.


VERY SPECIAL GUEST in Norway: Age Sten Nilsen. Featuring songs like’ Tarot Woman’, ‘Stargazer’, ‘Run With the Wolf’, ‘Man on The Silver Mountain’ and other classics from 1975-77, this will be an exciting Rock Event, not to be missed!




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