29/4 – 2017: Rain feat. Michael Bormann & Tore Moren

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Rain was founded in 1997 as a result of a project started by Lars and Sonny from the band Bankok Babes.
Lars then met Michael Bormann from Germany. Michael has released albums and toured all over the world with his former groups, Jaded Heart, Redrum, Bonfire, Letter X, J.R.Blackmore, Charade and the metal band The Sygnet.
They were then joined by guitarist Tore Moren from Street Legal and Jorn Lande, and drummer Peppa Bruvoll from Bankok Babes and Heartline.
Rain mixes soft melodies with extreme harmonies as found in the music of bands from late 80’s and 90’s. With the sound & attitude of the 2000…..

The band has released one album on the american label Kivel Records, and the second album “Stronger” got released in February/March 2006 with JVC Victor (Japan) and MTM Music (Europe) in November .
The recordings for this album took place in Michael Bormanns RMB studio, Duisburg, Germany in Feb/March 2005.
Rain has had great reviews on their album “House of Dreams”. And even better reviews for the Stronger album.
For more information about Rain, visit the web-site: www.rain-web.de 

Now, the band is back. Ready to kick ass, with some great live shows.
A new album will also be recorded in 2017.


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