Lucid Dreams

Etter suksess året som 2014 var for Lucid Dreams, er de igjen klare for å holde konserter i hjemlandet Norge. Lucid Dreams hadde en rekke konserter i Norge i 2014, som promotering for debutalbumet utgitt november 2013.

De gjorde også en Europaturne i Tyskland, Sveits og Italia. Lucid Dreams's variant av klassisk heavy metal har blitt meget godt mottatt i Europa.

Bandet har et veldig sterkt låtmateriale, og har raskt tiltrukket seg oppmerksomhet både som live band og med den kritikerroste debutalbumet.

Høsten 2015 vil Lucid Dreams slippe sitt 2. album, og bandet ser fram til å presentere nytt materiale, sammen med favoritter fra debut-albumet. Det nye albumet fortsetter der det forrige slapp, med sterkt låtmateriale i klassisk heavy metal genren. Lucid Dreams ser fram til å møte nye og gamle fans og rocke byen!!


Lucid Dreams har blitt sammenlignet med band som: Whitesnake, Yngwie Malmsteen, Dio, Dream, Theater, Saxon, Jorn Lande, Steeler, Dangerzone, Iron Maiden, Judas Priest m.m.

Metal Intregal, France: "….This excellent album will not go unnoticed. The professionalism of this 6 guys is shown on this album. If you do not hear this, then you call BEETHOVEN, it is not possible otherwise!!….."

Rock Metal Eccence, Italy: "….A product of hard 'n' heavy melodic style and quality, sometimes in line with the sound of a historical band as Pretty Maids, but able to become much more progressive in its instrumental sections. It seems easy to compare this to the band's sound also the group leader of the panorama prog metal, Dream Theater….."

Destructiv Music, England: "….a brand new heavy metal sensation….though, strong powerful tunes, a good sense of song craft and a promising creative force. Well worth a listen!….."

Sea Of Tranquility, USA: "….Lucid Dreams have done a great job here of combining many styles, and putting a fresh spin on all of them. Memorable, catchy, and rocking…this one will continue to get plenty of play here for the immediate future, and I'll be keeping a close eye on this band from this point on. A fun, fun album….."

Calles Rock Corner, Denmark: "….This is a solid album Lucid Dreams has released and they can certainly be proud of their debut album. Powerful vocals, great riffs and really tight musicians….."

Metal Hammer, Norway: "….Good songs, technical skills and enough power makes this album very convincing….."

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